Thinking of building a career in Real Estate? Andrew Duncan of The Duncan Duo, #1 Real Estate Agents in the US, gives tips to help you make that decision.

If you are thinking about going into sales, you need to have an outgoing personality. You need to be comfortable talking to people. You need to have a little bit of competitive streak and you need to be comfortable with a fluctuating income. Real estate sales in the most part don’t pay a salary. You make income based on how may homes people buy or sell.

If you don’t have an outgoing personality but still love real estate, there are behind the scenes positions available like operations positions, transaction coordinator positions, administrative positions, that might be right for you.

The first step when you decide to build a career in real estate is for you to get a real estate license. It opens up a variety of options for you in terms of paths that you can go. Working without a license will limit what you can and can’t do in real estate. He encourages you to check out Bob Hogue School of Real Estate and Burk Cooke Real estate school to help you get your Real estate license.

He also encourages you to talk to a lot of different agents and companies. Not all companies are right for every agent.

Another thing you need to remember is to have a solid income expectations. He even recommends for you to have at least 6 months worth of bill payments saved before going into real estate as there will be times that you will have fluctuating incomes. He doesn’t want anyone to get out of the business before they start to be successful.

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