Watch as Andrew Duncan talks to Tarin Silkworth, top agent of The Duncan Duo team for several years running about her experience with the team and how she was able to reach success. She has been with the team for 8 years running. She worked in a boat supply store before she started as a buyer agent with the team. She has sold an average of 80-90 homes a year and has been one of the team’s top producers in a really long time. In the 8 years she has been with the team, she has seen the ups and downs of the real estate market. She shares some of the things that attracted her to work for The Duncan Duo like the training and support given to new agents. She also talks about the amazing support from the staff and team because the agents would not be able to do the amount of business that the do.

“Duncan Duo Top Agent Interview Tarin Silkworth - working on our team for 8 years and being #1 agent”

Andrew also highlights the marketing and lead generation provided to the agents that give them an edge in getting more clients. 

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